Orchard yield estimation
yield estimation of orchards
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yield estimation
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The yield estimation is an important information for a farmer. it help him prepare for the harvesting ,and control his farm. also there is many owners that prefer selling their yield on the trees ,many days and sometimes months before the harvesting date. and this information is important for the definition of the price. the goal of this project is to succeed to make a good estimation of the yield for an orchards , that may include the most important commodity ,apples,vine,peaches,oranges,olives... but to start with a simple case.. we will start by plums since it will be easy to spot the fruits.. then the project can move to more complicated cases like vine,peach,..where the fruits can be more hard to spot. also we can will start by detecting the number of fruits.. before trying to get more data like the caliber,and quality of the fruits.
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